Test Setup MOST Extended Core Compliance Test: ECL


Development of test setups that enable the automated execution of all tests of the "MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Specification: ECL" (Electrical Control Line).


  • Analysis and definition of the components to be used
  • Analysis, definition, implementation and testing of the automation software TTSuite with TestSuite ECL
  • Differentiation between the diverse test setups for the MOST speeds MOST150 oPhy and MOST150 cPHY and the diverse versions of the Electrical Control Line specification
  • Test setup construction
  • Verification of the quality of the test setup, taking the measurement uncertainty defined in the test specification into consideration
  • Test setup documentation
  • Execution of MOST Core Compliance tests, using the test setups developed


Development of one test setup for each MOST speed, which automates the execution of defined tests of MOST Extended Core Compliance test specification: ECL.


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