Physical Layer Stress Test Tool PhLSTT Analyzes MOST150 Control Units for Hardware Design Errors

The main purpose of the Physical Layer Stress Test Tool PhLSTT is to feed a MOST ECU with a stress test pattern and to check the signal of the responding ECUs for errors. Bit-Error-Rate measurements provide an important indication of the quality of the hardware implementation. RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS has developed the stress test tool in cooperation with MOST Cooperation to measure all necessary parameters. For MOST150 Compliance Testing, the Limited Physical Layer Compliance Specification defines several setups for measuring specific parameters as defined in MOST150 oPhy Automotive Physical Layer Sub- Specification.

MOST150 Stress Test in Two Versions

The professional version with high end EOC (Electro Optical Converter) is used in the Limited Physical Layer Compliance Test Process in the MOST Compliance Test House and also for development and test laboratories at carmakers and suppliers. The standard version has a standard FOT unit (Fiber Optical Transceiver) instead of a high end EOC and will be part of end-of-line control applications for control units and infotainment systems.

With the MOST Tester Cable Model MTCM, we also provide a solution for Coax Physical Layer Tests.

Test Lab Solutions: Physical Layer Stress Test Tool PhLSTT


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Detailed information can be found here: PhLSTT (PDF)

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