Specification and Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

More and more advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) support us in different driving situations and improve safety and convenience. In the future, individual ECUs will extensively communicate with each other, meaning that fast and robust IP communications across domains will be of greater significance. For the evaluation of new technologies and in all steps of system specification and system integration, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS assists you as a competent technology partner. In the process, we introduce our extensive knowledge from our long-standing partnerships with leading car makers.

  • Automotive Ethernet (AVB/TSN)
  • Appropriate tools
  • Test house
  • Display of security-related optical and acoustic alerts
  • Validation of time sensitive information
  • Specification of data communication
  • Technical measurement validation of data communication
  • Generate basic mechanisms for reliable data communication
  • Setup log and trace concepts
  • Develop algorithms for intelligent monitoring of data communication (ELM) in the vehicle


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