Validation of Web-based Telematics and Assistance Services of Old Vehicle Series


The objective was to test in-car, over-the-air services for functionality and stability in the course of development. Besides confirming the functionality of systems in development, updates on the server should test all series telematics systems.


  • Testing of over-the-air functions in test laboratory
  • Test driving in order to confirm functionality while driving
  • Testing of net coverage, and consequently availability of online services, in different countries
  • Operations monitoring of certain online functions in order to test availability
  • Communication and test plan setup including call center integration tests
  • Test and problem management
  • Analysis and classification of complex error patterns, including over-the-air components across different data buses


Updates on the server have been rolled out for customer cars on time at the release date and without restrictions. We have validated the newly developed over-the-air-functions according to the implementation schedule and thus guaranteed the start-up.


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