Test Suite for Automotive Ethernet On-board Network System


The OEM created its own specifications for the introduction of Ethernet into an OEM in-car communication system. The task was to analyze and comment on the testability of the specifications. Test cases were to be specified and converted to the requirements with the highest possible test coverage and the highest possible degree of automation.


  • Requirements analysis of the concept for the following contents:
    • Signal-based communication (CAN) via Ethernet backbone
    • TCP-based protocol for the transmission of larger data volumes via the backbone
    • Addressing on MAC and IP level
    • Network management, especially wakeup and shutdown behavior
    • Diagnostic communication over Ethernet
  • Specification of test suites for the requirements
  • Review of requirements and test specifications
  • Specification of a testability stub for ECUs
  • Creation of a test suite according to specifications
  • Implementation of the testability stub on an evaluation platform provided by the customer
  • Evaluation of test cases using the platform
  • Commissioning, support and maintenance at the customer's site.


The customer's system specifications were optimized several times based on our feedback. The testability stub has been successfully implemented at Tier1 ECUs. The OEM was able to effectively introduce a qualification process regarding the described contents.


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