Test Setup Extended MOST Core Compliance: MHP


Development of test setups that enable the automated execution of all defined tests of the "MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Specification: MOSTHigh”.


  • Analysis and definition of the components to be used
  • Analysis, definition, implementation and testing of the automation software TTSuite with TestSuite MHP
  • Differentiation of the diverse test setups between the MOST speeds MOST25, MOST50 ePhy, MOST150 oPhy, and MOST150 cPHY
  • Test setup construction
  • Verification of the quality of the test setup, taking the measurement uncertainty defined in the test specification into consideration
  • Test setup documentation


Development of one test setup for each MOST speed, which automates the execution of defined tests of MOST Extended Core Compliance Test-Specification: MOSTHigh.


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