TCP/IP UpperTester Integration into VECTOR AUTOSAR Classic & Elektrobit AUTOSAR


The TC8 of the OPEN ALLIANCE Special Interest Group has introduced a test process to verify the basic communications of Automotive Ethernet, which most OEMs require as a prerequisite for system integration. In order to make the verification of ECUs as standardized as possible and thus reliable, it is necessary to integrate a software stack, the so-called UpperTester, into the ECUs.


  • Creating a TCP/IP-UpperTester (UT) for TC8 tests
  • UT Integration into the AUTOSAR Basic Software from Vector Informatik
  • UT Integration into the AUTOSAR Basic Software from Elektrobit
  • Customer support with stack integration into their individual projects
  • Adaptation and configuration of the software stacks to individual OEM requirements, taking into account ECU hardware and operating system properties
  • Evaluation of the UT software implementation
  • Advice on creating test plans suitable for the particular ECU project


The customer control units demonstrated a clean UT implementation on time before the OEM's test process start. The reliability of the test results was guaranteed.


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