Ethernet Global Time Sync Analysis


The aim of the project was to verify the feasibility of time synchronization with IEEE 802.AS at an early stage for an OEM. In particular, we analyzed and tested the OEM-specific requirements using an AUTOSAR evaluation platform with switch chip.


  • Operation of an AUTOSAR platform on a prototypical evaluation platform for Automotive Ethernet
  • Configuration of PHY and switch samples for 100BASE-T1 at AUTOSAR software stack level
  • Commissioning of IEEE 802.1AS on the platform considering OEM-specific requirements
  • Development of a test setup for verification of time synchronization
  • Development of stress scenarios, including stress on the platform application
  • Test execution and evaluation


Through the tests, we have successfully verified the concept. The results provided important input for the necessary parameterization of the AUTOSAR stack, which contributed to the improvement of the AUTOSAR standard. The OEM received important information about the necessary resources and performance criteria for an ECU with a central switch and grandmaster.


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