Driving Experience Control: Validation of Effect Chains


In order for driving experience controls (eco, comfort, sport, sport+) to function trouble-free, several ECUs for different development sectors such as drive, chassis, and infotainment have to work together. The task was to create a cross-functional validation concept and execute the resulting tests in order to validate the functions of the driving experience control along the complete effect chain.


  • Developing a validation concept based on interface definitions and specification sheet
  • Elaborating different ECU-specific tests across diverse effect chains and defining corresponding test platforms per test
  • Test execution and analysis as well as documenting the results
  • Repetition of all or parts of the test cases to validate development loops
  • Final acceptance testing in order to confirm customer adoption of functionality


We have validated various functions of driving experience control across several development sectors before implementing them at the highest quality and on time.


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