Development of Cyber Security Test Suite


The task was to create a test suite for network security of single control unit tests for the verification during development. The test suite was developed by a Tier 1 supplier specifically for an OEM project. It was important to include the OEM-specific infrastructure in order to be able to cover security-relevant topics.


  • Analysis of the specifications of the affected ECUs taking into account the system specifications of the OEM
  • Definition of the relevant requirements and assessment of the testability of the requirements at ECU level
  • Deriving test cases from the requirements
  • Conversion of test cases into CANoe
  • Creating and implementing a concept for automating and parameterizing the test suite
  • Adapting the test suite to 4 different projects (ECUs) The test suite was adapted to different bus systems (Ethernet/CAN/FlexRay) and individually configured to the different ECUs using the specified service interface description.
  • Execution and validation of the tests with different results.


The test suite was successfully installed and handed over at 4 different locations of the Tier1 supplier. The individual departments were able to carry out the tests required by the OEM on schedule and document them accordingly. We were able to successfully prove that we met the requirements.


Now part of intech