Design of Static Interface Definitions for I&K Functions


Design of static interface definitions in an I&K environment based on functional and architectural specifications and considering bus system technologies and architectures.


  • Analysis and definition of functional use cases
  • Analysis and identification of the function architecture of the vehicle network
  • Design of static interface definitions considering
    • Architecture and partitioning
    • Use cases and dynamic behavior
    • Communication participants
    • Gateway communication for communication reaching across bus systems
    • Tool environment to be applied
    • Predominant process environment
    • Compatibility with possible former interface versions
  • Coordination with stakeholders of static interface definition drafts
  • Change management for static interface definitions considering the predominant tool environment
  • Providing of change documentation for static interface definitions


Complete documentation of static interfaces in an I&K environment to be used for the design of ECUs, for the validation and analysis of the communication of transmitted data, and for the generation of code for ECU software or simulations.

Now part of intech