Meeting System Specifications is a Precondition for Seamless Communication Interfaces with Maximum Compatibility

We develop the specifications of software communication interfaces for control units in the car domains of car infotainment, telematics and driver assistance (Advanced Driver Assistence Systems, ADAS) as well as for the integration of consumer electronic devices. In parallel we set up corresponding test specifications. The data communication professionals of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS support manufacturers and suppliers in all areas of system specification with the development of:

System Specifications for Seamless Communication

  • Concepts for conditioning of audio/video (AVB) data through RPC protocol
  • Service interfaces for automotive Ethernet on basis of SOME/IP and SD
  • MOST functional catalogs in XML or Fibex format
  • Dynamic specifications like MOST sequence catalogs as Message Sequence Charts (MSC), Flow Charts or Unified Model Language (UML)
  • Service interface design for FRANCA IDL

Compatible and Series Comprehensive

Our system specifications offer the highest possible compatibility. As such, solutions designed using our specifications are re-useable comprehensively by series and ideally backward compatible. The complexities, naturally, are adjusted in consultation with the responsible departments at the carmakers and involved Tier 1 suppliers.


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