Specifying and Safeguarding of Functions Coming to Life in Infotainment

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS has been, from the beginning, an expert for the in-car infotainment network. As such, we competently support the creation of matching architectural solutions for both practical controls and audio/video management. Particularly ambitious for carmakers and suppliers is the integration of consumer electronic devices and apps. We face this challenge successfully with corresponding specifications and test environments.

Consultancy and support for seamless system integration is based on a wide field of competence. Thanks to far-reaching knowledge and longstanding experience, is it possible to transfer the complexity of current and future network technologies into functional data communication in the car. One challenge, amongst others, is to identify risks for implementation by means of targeted analysis and to derive from it efficient test processes and test automation. For customer-specific solutions in system integration, the comprehensive knowledge around data on-board networks is an essential part of the core competence of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. The focus is on defining test specifications and test cases.

  • From MOST to automotive Ethernet (AVB/TSN)
  • Appropriate tools
  • Test house

Competences: Infotainment and Driver Assistance


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