Validation of Telematics and Assistance Services


The validation, accompanying the development, of the functionality and stability of in-car Over-the-Air services. In addition to confirming the functionality of the systems being designed, all existing telematics systems, which provide updates from a server, should be tested.


  • Test execution for Over-the-Air functions on static test platforms
  • Test drives for confirmation of functionality in customer-oriented operation
  • Validation of network coverage and, thereby, of the availability of online services in different countries
  • Simulation of country-specific requirements, in order to ensure the cost efficiency of special issues in individual countries
  • Monitoring of specific online functions, in order to observe their availability for customers
  • Development validation of newly developed online services
  • Communication und test plan development, as well as support center for integration tests
  • Test and problem management for weekly test events
  • Analysis and mapping of complex error patterns, which contain Over-the-Air components
  • Documentation of test execution including the identified error patterns.


All updates from the server were rolled out to the customer vehicles on schedule to the release date. The newly developed Over-the-Air functions were validated according to the implementation plan, and the start-up was, thereby, ensured.

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