Validation of an Automotive Ethernet Switch from FPGA to ASIC


Development and execution of an automotive Ethernet switch test process, which characterizes the switch for automotive applications during the prototype stage.


  • Definition of requirements and automotive use cases
  • Development of a test specification for specific ranges of conformity, performance and use cases
  • Alignment of the test specification contents to the architecture of the semiconductor to be tested
  • Quality check of the test coverage
  • Test process conversion to a highly automated test environment, for use in a test laboratory
  • Alignment of the test environment to semiconductor-specific characteristics, e.g. configuration management


  • Extensive test specifications with 100 percent test coverage of automotive-specific requirements. The test process supports OPEN ALLIANCE as a basis for the standard for qualifying electronic switches.
  • Successful validation of all stages of development, from FPGAs to turnkey ASICs.


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