End to End Test Automation for Automotive Apps


The specifications for test coverage and the exact test procedure were supplied and defined by the customer. The task was to analyze and comment on the specifications with regard to testability and feasibility. In addition to the requirements, test cases were to be specified and implemented, ideally with high test frequency and preferably exclusively automated.


  • Analysis of the concept requirements for the following contents:
    • Hardware and software required for the implementation
    • Ensure customer proximity in the requirements
    • Testability of requirements in an automated environment
    • Method of providing results and focusing (monitoring/test evaluation, test reports or "live dashboards")
  • Specification of test suites according to the requirements
  • Review of the requirements and test specifications
  • Creation of a test suite according to the specifications
  • Implementation of the test suite on a customer’s evaluation platform
  • Evaluation of the test cases using the platform
  • Operation, support, and maintenance at customer site


Our team has implemented the test suite at the customer's site on time and successfully, including continuous expansion in variance and quality. Based on our feedback, the services regarding the mobile app were improved several times at the customer's site.


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