AVB/TSN Use Cases for Switches and Endpoints


Validation of AVB/TSN functionality based on requirements of specific automotive use cases. The tests are closely related to IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE1722 Standards.


AVB Use Cases for gPTP

  • 2-Step clock synchronization (via external endpoints with PPS output)
  • Consistency of 802.1AS protocol
    • Sync/Follow_Up mechanism
    • Pdelay mechanism
    • Sync interval verification
    • Pdelay_Req interval verification
    • gPTP protocol format consistency according to Automotive gPTP
  • Clock drift
    • Long-term delta difference between egress timestamps and PTP time
  • Distortion of sync frames
    • Short-term delta difference between egress timestamps and PTP time

AVB Use Cases for 1722

  • Timing and synchronization
  • Conformance of 1722 protocol
  • Shaping
  • Data consistency


Efficient and custom-tailored test concept for AVB/TSN on component level to verify the fulfillment of automotive requirements.


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