Assessment of VCSEL Semiconductor Technology for Serial Usage in the Automobile (Technology Assessment)


Assessment of VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diode) Technology for use in future optical automotive Gigabit networks


  • Benchmarking of VCSEL components from three different manufacturers
  • Definition of the mission profile, based on specific conditions in the intended vehicle installation section
  • Consideration of environmental conditions in the automotive field, e.g. temperature, operation duration, voltage, stress, etc.
  • Coordinated planning of the measures required for validation, in cooperation with the manufacturers of the VCSEL components
  • Investigation and evaluation of the reliability data, as it relates to deterioration failures and failure mechanisms within the defined life span
  • Comparison of the ascertained data versus the reliability requirements of the automotive industry.


Complete and positive assessment of the VCSEL technology through the verification of compliance to all requirements in the automotive field, following the defined measurements

Publication: Elektronik automotive, Special Issue MOST, April 2013

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