Test Management from Requirement Engineering to Test Cases

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS specializes in test management, focusing on the development and definition of test processes and test specifications. In any approach it is important to concentrate on important and system-critical fields. The challenge is to subsequently integrate the activities optimally into test plans and test specifications. The intent is to reach a good balance between volume and quality of the test cases for project success and technical boundary conditions. As a result we provide test results that are easy to communicate and recommend effective solutions for the identified problems.

Competences: Test-Management

Tracable and Reproducable Messurement Results

As an important component for distinct evidence of test results and their interpretability, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS emphasizes inspection of measurement uncertainties with calibrated test systems. This way, it is assurable that test results are tracable and reproducible with respect to the measurement.

Distinct Test Specifications for Effective Test Coverage

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is an expert in the complex field of compiling test specifications. The primary goal is therefore to test the correct fields to reach a high efficiency. As this is very dependent of the use case, our expertise in the field of potential errors in the affected domains comes into action. A test specification should always be executable on a defined number of test setups. Therefore, our broad knowledge with respect to a possible realization is already requested in the design phase. A good test specification is usable across different control units and on-board network generations. Our test specification created with TTsuite in the GFT format (Graphical Presentation, Format TTCN-3), for example, can be seamlessly transformed in executable tests.

From Test Specification Directly into Execution

The graphical test specifications of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS are easily readable and have more than just documentary character, as they are directly available as source code. Together with the test protocols, the required transparency for interpretability of test results is ensured and helps save major effort in the reproduction of error cases.


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