Operator Model for the Validation of Infotainment Systems, Telematics Services, and ADAS Content


The development of test specifications and test laboratory solutions for the infotainment, telematics services, and ADAS sections of the data on-board network and the delivery of the test results per level of integration.


  • Analysis of the architecture and system specifications of a car maker concerning all use cases, ISO/OSI layers and transmission technology (automotive Ethernet, MOST, CAN, FlexRay, CAN, CAN FD, APIX)
  • Extraction of the requirements to be tested
  • Conception of the test platform (partial systems, individual ECUs)
  • Definition of the tests to maximize the test coverage
  • Development of the test platform, test cases and test plans
  • Execution, analysis and reporting of test results per level of integration from B samples up to SOP (Start of Production)
  • Development of solutions for identified problems and the extension of test contents


Operator model for the validation of the required domains with a highly automated test laboratory, including connection to the IT infrastructure of the car manufacturer

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