The Development of Dynamic Interface Definitions for ICT Functions


The development of dynamic interface definitions in the field of ICT, due to functional and architectural parameters, as well as use cases and scenarios.


  • Analysis and definition of functional use cases and scenarios
  • Design of dynamic interface definitions considering:
    • Static interface definition
    • Use cases, dynamic behavior
    • Communication participants
    • Gateway specifications for functional communication via different networking technologies (e.g. CAN, MOST, Ethernet)
    • Implemented tool landscape
    • Predominant process landscape
    • Compatibility to potential previous versions of the interfaces
  • Coordination of the designs of dynamic interface definition with stake holders
  • Change management for dynamic interface definitions considering the predominant tool landscape
  • Providing of change documentation for the dynamic interface definitions.


The result consisted of the total documentation of the dynamic interfaces in the area of ICT:
  • For use in the development of ECUs
  • For validation of the data sent for the analysis of the communication
  • For the generation of code for ECU software simulations.

Now part of intech