TESTERLYZER Automates Testing the MOST Network

TESTERLYZER is the test system for network testing and for the MOST Core Compliance test which accompanies development processes. TESTERLYZER has a modular structure and consists of the system components TESTERLYZER pro Compliance (testing software) and TESTERLYZER Box (measuring and automation hardware), as well as two Optolyzer® modules by the company SMSC, which provide an interface to the MOST bus.

Test Lab Solutions: Testerlyzer

Automatic Testing for Compliance

TESTERLYZER, with its various versions, covers the total bandwidth and Physical Layer for MOST projects: MOST25 oPhy, MOST50 ePhy and MOST150 oPhy/ePhy/cPhy (Coax). In comparison to manual testing through automation of all testing sequences, the test tool results in a significant time savings of up to 80 percent. The tests are carried out following up-to-date MOST Core Compliance test specifications. Protocols are tuned towards the target-groups and allow a transparent documentation of test results. TESTERLYZER permits optimum preparation for MOST Core Compliance certification as RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS also uses TESTERLYZER for the official test.

Complementary Modules

In addition to the modules required for MOST Core Compliance testing, we offer the following additional modules:

  • General Tests, Standard Mechanisms, Ring Break Diagnosis and NetServices Systemtests
  • Database Connection Tests
  • Integration in data management systems


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Detailed information can be found here: TESTERLYZER (PDF)

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