»Test House as a Service« Assures the Validation of Control Unit Development for Carmakers and Suppliers

With »Test House as a Service«, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides fully equipped test laboratory solutions in its own facilities to support carmakers and Tier1 suppliers in assuring control unit development. As such they neither have to acquire special knowledge nor define and install their own laboratories. In addition, at very early stages and for the whole cycle of development, meaningful and resilient test results will already be available. From previous test projects with ongoing optimization, we have gathered extensive special knowledge and compiled a comprehensive test model kit to competently and faithfully carry out control unit tests, far beyond a compliance test. Main tasks can be divided into three phases:

Test laboratory of Test House as a Service

Test Specification

  • Review of all relevant specifications according to requirements
  • Review of available test cases with respect to coverage of requirements
  • Definition of new (missing) test cases for 100% test coverage
  • Classification of test cases with respect to project status and progress

Test Execution

For each software / hardware release in the project:

  • Definition of a test plan
  • Execution of all tests with use of a grand, standardized test model kit
  • Reporting
  • Joint failure analysis with the customer
  • Recommendation for improvements
  • As needed: Definition of new test cases for improvement of the test specification

Test Automation

  • Identification of important test cases that should be run by the customer as regression tests
  • Detailed specification
  • Programming
  • Customer receives releases in regular intervals, with which they can run their own regression tests in-house and parallel to the development


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