MOST Tester Cable Model extends Physical Layer Stress Test Tool

The MOST Tester Cable Model "MTCM" is an extension of the well-proven Physical Layer Stress Test Tool "PhLSTT". It meets the additional challenges and demands for physical layer testing that arise with the newly introduced coax physical layer for MOST150. With the MOST Tester Cable Model, we provide a highly-integrated solution to implement a MOST150 limited cPHY test setup, meeting all requirements specified in the MOST150 cPHY Compliance Verification Procedure. Simple to apply, the MTCM allows easy migration from an existing MOST150 limited oPHY test setup to a MOST150 limited cPHY test setup in combination with the PhLSTT. The cPHY physical layer provides 50 Ohm coax connections for simplex and duplex transmission. The main purpose of the MTCM is to emulate a transfer function, which represents typical coax interconnections in a car. The PhLSTT creates the MOST150 pattern that feeds the device under test (DUT).

Products: MOST Tester Cable Model MTCM

Automating the MOST150 cPHY Test Setup

An internal microcontroller regulates all functions of the MOST Tester Cable accessed by a serial interface. A documented application-programming interface is available. Thus, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides a fully automated solution that incorporates the complete MOST150 limited cPHY test setup. It consists of the Physical Layer Stress Test Tool, the MOST Tester Cable Model, a power supply, and an optional temperature chamber.


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