Ethernet Live Monitor

The Ethernet Live Monitor (ELM) is the ideal solution for testing of the correct TSN/AVB implementation in Ethernet networks. Implemented rule checkers identify errors in the TSN/AVB protocol family in real time and initiate a recording in the data logger through the trigger output. An additional monitoring function displays analysis data and the history of detected errors in real time on the PC client and provides information about time deviation of the TSN/AVB implementation.

Products: Ethernet Live Monitor (ELM)


  • In-system diagnosis of AVB/TSN in real time
  • Support of 802.1AS, 1722/1722a as standard including clock reference streams (CRF)
  • Analysis of protocol mechanisms and time requirements relating to time synchronization/traffic shaping
  • Configuration and monitoring of user-defined protocol formats (e.g. SOME/IP, UDP-NM, etc.)
  • Robust housing
  • Automotive plug-in connector

AVB/TSN Rule Checker with Trigger

  • Over 40 complex test algorithms for 802.1AS, 1722/1722a
  • Evaluation of time-sensitive protocol data
  • Freely definable test patterns for further protocol formats
  • Trigger output for data logger control
  • Extensive configuration of the rule checker through PC application
  • Test algorithms are based on actual error scenarios from our test laboratory

AVB/TSN Monitoring Function

  • Real-time logging function of diagnosed errors
  • Display of chronological sequence of time synchronization according to 802.1AS (deviation, drift, inconsistency, etc.)
  • Display of chronological sequence of data transport according to 1722/1722a (deviation, quality of traffic shaping, etc.)
  • Quality comparison of individual protocol process at different net positions


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