Electric Mobility

Today's and future car development will include electric mobility. New requirements for data communications inside the car and with the environment will arise. The highly connected electric vehicle communicates not only over a backend server but also with charging stations, smart homes, or home energy management systems (HEMS) – and last but not least with the car owner. RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS develops the specification of software communications interfaces for ECUs in the vehicle domains of car infotainment, telematics, and driver assistance, as well as for the integration of consumer electronic devices. In parallel, we set up the corresponding test specifications. Thus, we support car makers and suppliers in all aspects of system specification and integration.

Competences: Electric Mobility

  • Conception and Specification of infotainment-relevant features for electric vehicles
  • Validation of features for electric vehicles
  • Connected infrastructure/charge column
  • Display vehicle data on apps
  • Provide information via backend servers
  • Charging status
  • Range
  • Handling of payments at public charge columns


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