At RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS, we define "connectivity" as linking the automotive world, with its specific requirements, to the data world outside the vehicle. Connecting functions and services inside and around the car continuously increases the complexity of requirements. Our profound knowledge and extensive experience qualify us to transfer the complexity of today's and tomorrow's network technologies into performing and seamless data communications. Our expert team supports you in all aspects of connectivity: we specify interfaces, set up test specifications, and develop validation strategies and approval tests for web-based telematics services.

Competences: Connectivity

  • As part of the development process, validation of app functionality for various wiring systems and car models
  • Validation for misbehavior and specification gaps of the interfaces between apps and vehicle wiring systems
  • Validation of newly designed online services as part of the development phase
  • Stability testing of connections between apps and the vehicle
  • Testing of update ability of test media
  • Integration tests for 3rd party apps
  • Simulation of dynamic signals and parameters that affect or change app content
  • Communication and regulation of global app validation with partners at locations worldwide
  • Validation of freedom of regression for on-board updates
  • Execution of tests for over-the-air functions
  • Test drive to confirm the functionality in operation at the customer's site
  • Simulation of country-specific specifications in order to cost-efficiently validate special topics in various countries
  • Communication and test plan setup with support center for integration testing
  • Test and problem management for weekly test events
  • Analysis and assignment of complex error patterns that also contain over-the-air components
  • Documentation of test implementation including detected error patterns


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