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RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Enhances Service Portfolio to Include All Available Communication Technologies

Munich (Germany) March 20, 2013 - System integrator RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS announces the expansion of their portfolio for the integration of automotive data communication for all available communication standards. As a technology partner, the company assists car manufacturers and suppliers with engineering services and test laboratory solutions as well as with broad competence for data transmission. "We have just completed our realignment to become the overall experts for all relevant areas of in-car data communication," explained Wolfgang Malek, General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. "We now offer our clients extensive support ranging from system specification to integration. Our services include compliance, test environments and competent consulting for all common standards and data bus systems such as CAN, Ethernet, MOST®, and USB." According to the realignment, the internet presence showcases revised content with an innovative appearance. With the new structure and largely extended service range, the website offers clients and interested parties an excellent information source which also stands out due to its user-optimized interface in a modern and responsive design for all devices.

Reliable Partner for Data Communication with Engineering Service

In automotive data communication, the development of automotive technologies requires precisely aligned processes and workflows. For this, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS put their proven special knowledge and structured processes at the disposal of carmakers and suppliers, allowing them to profit from the unbiased perception of an independent test house. As such, it is possible to objectively assess the maturity of a development at each design stage, and consequently to reach a smooth and punctual production start. The services include the evaluation of new technologies and all steps of system specification and system integration of control units. The specialists also provide support as a team or task force on-site or as 'Test House as a Service' in their own laboratories. As a Compliance Test House they monitor control units. The training program includes modular structured courses and customer-specific workshops.

Comprehensive Test Environments for Successful System Integration

With test lab tools, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS offers a specialized and powerful test portfolio which allows testing of the development and integration of control units on various levels. Application areas for the test systems are within the scope of laboratories for system integration as well as for MOST compliance tests and end-of-line tests. The test portfolio, covering all development levels of car design, includes customer-specific parameters as well as the fully automated test system TESTERLYZER and the user-friendly, TTCN-3-based test and simulation system TTsuite. The principal purpose of the Physical Layer Stress Test Tools PhLSTT is to add a stress pattern to the control unit and to check the response signal for errors. The ECL/CAN box combines, in one device, the basic functions for a CAN rest bus simulation with the flexible control of a control unit over the Electrical Control Line (ECL). The breakout box complements the ECL test setup. Additionally, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS develops customer-specific laboratory solutions.

Competency for Applications in Infotainment and ADAS

Consultancy and support for seamless system integration is based on a wide field of competence. Thanks to far-reaching knowledge and longstanding experience, is it possible to transfer the complexity of current and future network technologies into functional data communication in the car. One challenge, amongst others, is to identify risks for implementation by means of targeted analysis and to derive from it efficient test processes and test automation. For customer-specific solutions in system integration, the comprehensive knowledge around data on-board networks is an essential part of the core competence of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. The focus is on defining test specifications and test cases. Infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) require specifying, securing and testing for robust function. Professional object-oriented design is the bedrock of all software designs, particularly for PC-based test systems. The range also includes embedded design.

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The new website reflects the enhanced portfolio for automotive data communication

Image 1: The new website reflects the enhanced portfolio for automotive data communication
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Wolfgang Malek is General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS

Image 2: Wolfgang Malek is General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS.
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With comprehensive expertise in data communication for automotive electronic systems, Ruetz System Solutions provides full service to carmakers and suppliers for a smooth and timely production start (SOP). The technology partner based in Munich offers engineering services for system specification and integration, Test Laboratories as a Service, compliance tests, technology assessment and training. Part of the test laboratory solutions are test systems and platforms. With broad competency in data bus systems for all in-car data transmission standards such as, amongst others, CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, MOST, USB and WLAN are supported competently and reliably by the general contractor.

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