Compliance Test House for Automotive Ethernet & Protocols, AVB/TSN, MOST and other Communication Standards

Since control units have to undergo compliance verification processes, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is significantly involved in authorized and reliable execution of the tests. Control units from different manufacturers and from different E/E architectures have undergone our compliance test lab (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) in the past years.

Compliance Test Scopes for Automotive Ethernet & Protocols /  OPEN Alliance / Avnu Alliance

For Automotive Ethernet & Protocols we offer the following Test Scopes:


  • PHY Compliance Test
  • SWITCH Compliance Test

Devices on complete OPEN Alliance Test Specifications TC8 v1 und TC8 v2 :

  • Automotive Ethernet Compliance Test
    - PHY
    - Data Link Layer
  • TCP/IP Protocol Family Compliance Test
  • Automotive Protocols Compliance Test
    - SOME/IP
    - UDP-NM
  • AVB/TSN Compliance Test

For more information please see Automotive Ethernet Compliance Verification Process (PDF)


Accredited Test House for MOST Compliance

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS is a MOST Cooperation accredited test house. As a member of the MOST Cooperation and an active member of the »MOST Compliance Technical Group«, we actively help design the test specification for all MOST scopes. We test and certify MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150  (oPhy and cPhy) based control units with respect to the following scopes:

  • MOST Full Physical Layer Compliance
  • MOST Full Electrical Physical Layer Compliance
  • MOST Optical Limited Physical Layer Compliance
  • MOST Core Compliance und Extended Core Compliance MHP und ECL
  • MOST Profile Compliance

Accompanying Certifications

For us, it is important to consult with and accompany our customers throughout the total certification phase. Therefore we support carmakers and suppliers with accompanying certifications to identify errors at even preferably early design stages. In addition to formal tests, we offer pre-tests related to single development stages and knowledge transfer packages (Best Practice).

Carmaker-specific Tests

As the compliance tests are a basis qualification for system integration, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS offers individual tests for carmakers and suppliers. For MOST or Automotive Ethernet, these so-called »Application Recommendations« or »Test Check List« (e.g. BMW Ethernet Test Check List) are based on the specifications of the particular carmaker, are developed in cooperation with them and are converted to automated tests.

Compliance Test House: Test Report


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Detailed information can be found here: How to get the Declaration of Compliance (PDF)